The LEAP project will be available for three years and will work with all departments in that period. In order to achieve this, LTEO will aim to work in partnership with six departments per year and each department will be engaged in enhancing their core programme(s) during this time. Departments are invited to register their preference with regard to the timing of their engagement with the project leader by completing the 'Taking the LEAP' form. Departments wishing to combine this process with their preparation for Degree Scheme Reviews are invited to make the LEAP Project Leader aware of this to support effective planning.

Events/ meetings for academic year 2012-13

The broad outline of events/activities is outlined below. The LEAP Project Officer will be liaising with each department/School to identify the most suitable dates to engage with the project.

Oct 2012
Sign Up
  • Announce call for participation
  • Departments / School register their interest
  • Initial meeting - Department/School representatives with LEAP Project manager
Nov – Dec 2012
  • Short briefing/presentation for colleagues at departmental meetings
  • Introductory launch event
    • Learning from others (internal & external contributors)
    • ‘Taking the LEAP’ – setting out departmental project plans for the year
  • Reviewing current provision in relation to assessment
  • Develop and action plan and outline the new student experience for your provision
  • Identifying whether formal approval of changes is required
  • Take part in developmental/ training activities as required
  • Update colleagues on progress at departmental meetings
Jan - Apr 2013
Develop & Inspire
  • Start developing your ideas in relation to your action plan
  • Consider the tools / resources required
  • Consider e-assessment tools and what they can offer
  • Meet with other teams and colleagues already engaged in LEAP to share progress and ideas
  • Prepare and seek formal approval of changes (if required)
  • Update colleagues of progress at departmental meetings
May – July 2013
Implement & Inspire
  • Take part in ‘intensive implementation events’ to prepare the teaching, learning and assessment materials with a team of experts to support you
  • Draft any support materials for staff and students
  • Update colleagues on progress at departmental meetings
  • Innovations Day: share experiences and good practice in your department/School with colleagues from across the University
  • Enhanced version of the programme/units to be delivered starting in semester one 2013-14.